Same attracts same! Hello, thank you very much for visiting my BLOG. I am here to share some stories of my life experiences with you. Some of them are more personal, some more informative. As you might already know, I am a little Healthy Lifestyle Junkie with a wild heart.  Have a look…. I truly believe there will be something that will inspire you.

Shamanic Healing

We are all experiencing our personal ups and downs, get confronted with unknown situations, surprises and even pain.  As a consequence we sometimes feel stuck, tense and

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Stuck in the Mud

All those changes in life… nothing ever stays the same. The solution is to go with the flow. But sometimes it’s not so easy and

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New to Yoga?

I remember the first time I wanted to start practicing yoga and meditation. There was such a big gap between the yogis I admired and

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