Stuck in the Mud

All those changes in life… nothing ever stays the same. The solution is to go with the flow. But sometimes it’s not so easy and actually very hard. The reason is the mind and all the connected experiences, conditions and fears to it. We create all those problems in our minds, thinking about the past and future, not accepting the things as they are, trying to change them hardly, or just having an absolute negative attitude.

We get stuck in the mud.

The good thing is, it’s all an illusion. There is no past and no future in the present moment. We know that, right? This moment is the only real one. We are alive, we breathe. 

The entire outside world is based on our thoughts and mental attitude.
The entire world is our own projection.
Things outside neither bind or liberate us, only our attitude towards them does.

You can make the world heaven or hell according to your approach. If you have control over your mind, you have control over everything. Then there is nothing in this world to bind you. 

Meditation is the highest state. It brings us back to the root of our being. The simple awareness of being aware. 

Chitta Vritti Nirodah is the main of yoga. It means to calm the mind through meditative techniques. Then we can open ourselves to experience Union with the Absolute Reality. We feel peace…