FOMO – Fear of Missing Out


This morning I woke up and paused for a moment. I used to live in Istanbul for 4 years – in the same house where I am sitting right now and writing you. During that time I played in two TV Series and in a movie as an actress, I did some nice TV Commercials and also organised the Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks in Istanbul as a Project and Backstage Manager for many years. I hung out at the coolest parties and met interesting people from all over the world. But this morning all I was thinking of was to organise my live yoga class that I want to share with you, so you can take your time on the mat and spend an hour to stretch, strengthen, relax and restore. 

Today I have a different feeling when I come to Istanbul. I would describe it as grounded, relaxed and peaceful. Before I couldn’t sit still, ufff my busy mind… and there was always something going on. Yes, I have a different lifestyle, I am a loving mother, I have a wonderful family, and I am almost 40. 

But I truly believe the fear of NOT missing out has another origin. It comes from a deep inner journey. It comes from my shadow work. It comes from practising gratitude. It comes from accepting the flow of life. Everyday my yoga practice helps me to follow my heart and to enjoy the small things in life. It’s not always easy for me – I have a wild heart inside. Yoga is a journey of reflection, understanding and just being. 

I was smiling at my self. Yoga, I love you and I am so grateful you crossed my path! You fulfil my heart with love and gratitude. 

This mantra means, I am that, that I am. I am you, you are me. 
I am the universe, I am ultimate reality. 

If you have troubles finding peace in your current situation, repeat this mantra with eyes closed and relax into your tension. Inhale so, exhale hum. It gives you peace and helps you to see the big picture.


Have a great day,