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“First of all, I have to state that my expectations have been more than exceeded. From the boat, to the food and the people, everything was just perfect.

The yoga classes were all well thought out and coordinated. Hence a big thank you to Yesim and Saulo.

There were so many great moments on this cruise that it’s hard for me to highlight one in particular. If so, it would be our yoga session in the mountains together. That was magical.

I took all the people on this yoga retreat into my heart. The shared moments will therefore always remain in my memory.”

Orhan Adar, Köln

“On Yesim’s retreats you don’t have to think about anything – because everything is planned in the best way for you. Yesim you have created a retreat, that feels like an island where everything is beautiful, meaningful, colourful and delicious.

The Yuva Yoga Cruise is about you – yourself. Thank you for creating such a great experience and time with people that are unique. I will definitely come again as it has been one of the best investments in my life.

You will not get it till you experience it! Thanks for following your dream Yesim to make other people happy!”

Sanam, Düsseldorf

“Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. How blessed are we to have this opportunity in life. You have showcased to us how beautiful Turkey is, to really connect with ourselves on a very deep spiritual level. Your passion and wisdom has been transported into our hearts. You’ve built the foundation for us to keep striving to connect with our inner self.

It’s a blessing to share this journey with you.”

Alex Greentree, Sydney

“Thank you for being my friend and for your trust in me.

Thank you for being as you are.

There is nothing better than honest and real connections.

Let’s keep walking and growing in this beautiful and tricky path called life.

Allow yourself to be the light that you are! Till next time!

Jai Gurudev.”

Saulo Zarate, Cusco

“Thank you for organising a retreat full of joy, spirit, yoga, meditation and healthy food! Everything just flowed. I highly appreciate your retreats and can only recommend others to join.

You are right, when you say ‘find your fears and face them. Create your life as you want. Step by step’!

Best wishes. See you soon on one of your other retreats.”

Melodie, Baden-Baden

“Go with the flow! If you are included in Yesim’s Cruise, you won’t need to think about anything else. Be in the Cruise, leave the rest… I’m really pleased with being on the Yuva Yoga Cruise. It’s one of my unforgettable days in my life. Yesim’s Yoga Cruise is a must. 🙂

This is my second time joining Yesim’s cruise and I am already signing up for next year again. There’s no more to say 🙂

This experience can’t be defined in words but can only be lived. Yesim’s yoga retreat means holidays on the sea. There is good food, good people and yoga in the morning and evening. It’s the best way to refresh yourself! Thank you Yesim for this organisation. Go ahead, I’ll follow you!



Rabia Edali, Istanbul 

It has been really interesting eye-opener for me on many different levels. Both on the mental plan and also exciting to see how yoga can be combined to other things and elements than “just” yoga. The meditation part is definitely something I will go even deeper into. I am sure this will give me even more.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.  This was overall a totally amazing week!

Hope to see you again soon!”


Camilla Jensen, Copenhagen

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