How can Yoga help Digestion?

In the past I used to have digestion problems, gastrointestinal issues, a bloaty stomach and regularly felt uncomfortable in the belly. In general I used to have a tendency to be stressed all the time. I was moving from one project to another working in the event industry and organising fashion shows for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Vogue, Armani and Hugo Boss. The expectations towards my self were very high and my mind was constantly working. I didn’t know what it meant to relax, to slow down, sit still and live in the present moment. I was always driven to reach an excellent output by being extremly detail oriented, productive, initiative, efficient and make the project goal my own. To safe time, I ate very fast and didn’t chew the food enough. Even in the gym I felt stressed and wanted to use that one hour to be as effective as possible. I thought my lifestyle was supposed to be like that for someone who was working hard and had a fantastic job. But my body and mind were suffering from it. I was fighting against time and the present moment.

Everything changed 10 years ago when I went to India, stayed in an Ashram, and did my first yoga teacher training a few years later. I got introduced to an ancient discipline from India, which is more than 5000 years old. Step by step I integrated healthy habits and my regular yoga practice into my daily life based on the teachings of this purifying Indian philosophy. I started to breathe again, I slowed down and created awareness in everything I was doing. For many years I haven’t had any digestion issues and actually I feel connected to my gut, which is also known as “the second brain”. 

Yoga is the key to a healthy, balanced and joyful life – and for a healthy digestive system! 

When we talk about “Yoga”, we’ll look at a holistic approach integrating all three bodies, the body, mind and soul. Everything is connected to each other. When you feel stressed, eat and breathe too fast, don’t pause, skip certain relaxing exercises, of course your body especially your gut will react to it. Gastrointestinal issues, swelling and cramping can be a sign of too much stress, anxiety and pressure in your life. It’s time to look at your lifestyle, especially at your daily life. What can be the root of your digestive issues?

Yoga has become a common practice for health and well-being and helps you to feel better in a physical, mental and emotional way. Yes, yoga will help you to get strong, more flexible and a fitter body, but these are only beautiful side-effects of the practice. The original techniques of yoga are methods of purifying the nervous system from physical and mental blockages to live a healthy, content and balanced life. When yoga is practiced correctly, the whole nervous system is revitalised, so the body can enjoy more energy and a better health. 

Certain Yoga poses support the process of digestion by easing symptoms like gas, cramping, and bloating, which are often a consequence of too many toxins in the body. Yoga has a very relaxing effect on the body, which also relaxes the bowles and intestines. Twists are a fantastic way to massage the abdominal area and get rid of stuck intestinal toxins in the organs. Digestive organs get stimulated in yoga which also leads to more energy in the body.

Integrating the breath into the movement is important during the yoga practice. When you connect the breath to the movement and the movement to the breath in yoga, you automatically relax and come back to the present moment, and the abdominal organs get stretched.  

Since yoga is a holistic discipline, it’s also recommended to look at a healthy diet, try a detox, get enough fresh air, move and especially find time to meditate.