Tips for healthy eating

You can’t beat a bowl of porridge for breakfast.

I never get bored of a warm bowl of porridge – it feels nourishing and is a great source of slow-release energy. I always use Flahavan’s organic oats and Nutty Bruce’s unsweetened organic activated almond milk, and top it with organic blueberries, raspberries and bananas. I also enjoy Rude Health’s Ultimate Muesli and, if I fancy a smoothie, I’ll use Form’s Pureblend Protein Powder, which is free from flavourings. I am not a fan of flavoured protein powders and would rather use natural flavourings – like a banana or a couple of dates – to naturally sweeten things up.


My diet is best described as organic, fresh and local. 

Nutrition is a form of self-care and what you eat has the potential to transform your health. I eat a lot of fish – especially salmon – as well as seasonal vegetables and salad throughout the week, and on the weekend eat as a family as much as possible. On Saturday mornings, we have croissants and seeded spelt and sourdough bread with apricot and cherry jam and goat’s cheese. I was vegan for many years, but after having children I made the decision to eat a more diverse diet to ensure I was getting enough protein, which can be more of a challenge on a plant-based diet. 


Conscious eating means you can enjoy all your favourite foods.  

I used to be addicted to chocolate and couldn’t get through the day without eating a chocolate bar. Over the years I’ve developed a healthier relationship with sugar – the secret is to share it or just take a few bites, taking your time to savour what’s in your mouth. Conscious eating really does minimise cravings. However, I won’t sweat it if I end up eating a whole portion of tiramisu – it’s my guilty pleasure. 


Supplements keep my immunity on track. 

I use BetterYou Vitamin D every morning – the spray formula makes it so easy to take. I use a higher dose of 4,000iU in the winter and a lower dose in the summer. I also take Source Naturals Wellness Formula, a powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. If you’re feeling run down, you feel the effects almost instantly. Bare Biology’s collagen supplements, meanwhile, provide quality proteins to support the skin, joints and muscles, while placenta capsules have been a game-changer for my mood and energy. The placenta has incredible health benefits – it’s rich in iron, amino acids and essential fats. Placenta medicine can also help reduce postnatal bleeding, encourage a healthy milk supply and balance hormones. Alexa Dean, a birth doula and pregnancy teacher, formulated the capsules for me. 

Enjoy your day. Sending you lots of love!