Why Yuva Yoga is different

Many times I got asked, “why don’t you upload the videos to You Tube?” Actually you can find a few of my yoga videos on you tube, but my main purpose is to focus on the platform. I just listen to my heart. It feels right. I believe in it. 

This yoga space is very personal. It is designed for you to build a close connection to the teacher, not only to me as your guide but also to yourself as the best teacher you can have. The aim of these classes is to let go of your thought and behaviour patterns hidden deeply in your subconscious mind, which prevent you from living a life with an open heart. With the powerful teachings of yoga and meditation you get rid of these layers step by step and get to know your true self more and more. 

It is said that the longest journey is the one from the head to the heart.

We are in this together. You and me. 

Just a few months ago I have started creating Yuva Yoga to share everything in this space that I have learned and will be learning over the next years. This is a real place with the main intention to dive deeper into Yoga. 

On top there are no disturbing adds, you have access to live classes and you will be part of a growing, like minded community. 

Fingers crossed that we can see each other soon face to face on upcoming yoga retreats. Either in the mountains, in BaliPeru, on the Yoga Cruise or on a local weekend retreat.

Stay tuned.

How lucky we all are to live in a mindful revolution.

Practice anywhere – anytime! Let’s get started. 

You can start with your 7 day free trial and then decide if you want to go on or not. Completely risk free. 

Enjoy your day. Sending you lots of love!