Yoga for Daily Life

Yoga is a lifestyle for me. It starts when I open my eyes and wake up, the first step out of the bed, the words coming out of my mouth, the facial expression, the way I treat myself and others and how the day goes on, in best case filled with positive energy. It’s not about being the nicest and happiest person on earth, it is about getting close to the personal balance, letting go, connect to yourself and to other human beings, to nature, animals and the universe. Yoga is about our personal journey.


After my 200hr international teacher training certification I have started teaching Yoga in different countries. I am organizing my own retreats and also host other yoga camps. Private courses are also available as well as classes and workshops for companies and corporate events. I teach in german, english and turkish.

• Private Classes
• Yoga in the Studio
• Office Yoga
• Workshops
• Healthy Living
• Yoga Retreats & Camps

Photo: Aric Gutnick


My Yoga background has its roots in classic Raja and Hatha Yoga. Constantly visiting Yoga and Meditation workshops and trainings from India, New York, London, Berlin, Peru, Columbia to Istanbul give me a chance to expand my competences and teaching styles.

• Classic Hatha
• Vinyasa
• Yin
• Breathing Techniques
• Guided Meditation
• Balancing Chakras

Traveling, meeting interesting people from all over the world, reading books and just living inspires and motivates me to teach Yoga with passion and to make it to my profession. I also love to share tips and tricks for a easier and happier life.

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