In 2017, I listened to my heart and founded Yuva Yoga – offering yoga retreats, workshops and classes – with the aim of discovering and exploring your body and mind and deepening your awareness in your daily life. 

In 2021 I decided to go online and build my boutique on-demand yoga and meditation studio Yuva Yoga Life, in which I share practices and inspirations with you that help you to improve the quality of your daily life. You will find more than 70 videos and all recorded live classes in there as well. 

You can join me live once a month either on a Saturday or Sunday morning at 10 am UK time on zoom. Check the live class schedule hereAll live classes are included in the YYL Membership or bookable via Eversports if a membership is not an option for you.  To stay updated for upcoming yoga classes in studios, make sure to sign up for the mindful Newsletter. One-on-one’s are also available as well as classes and workshops for companies and corporate events.


My yoga style is a mixture of Vinyasa and Hatha, holding its roots in classical Raja Yoga, inspired by worldwide known teachers like my mentor Sri Dharma Mittra. The content of my classes is primarily based on connecting with one’s higher self, and is rounded off with related breathing techniques and meditation exercises. I teach yoga in English and German. 

Constantly visiting yoga and meditation workshops, and training in India, New York, London, Berlin, Peru, Columbia, and Istanbul, has allowed me a chance to expand my competencies and teaching styles.

Private Classes

I am passionate about offering you the best yoga tools to connect to your body and mind.
From my experience this is best done individually, by designing a personalised practice for your lifestyle and goals, whether in person or via online yoga classes.

These sessions consist of classical yoga and mindfulness meditation techniques and will be tailored to your needs. Sessions can range from yoga basics to more advanced poses, ideal
to start with yoga for the first time or deepen your personal practice.


60 Minutes for 80 €

Live Stream


30 Minutes for 60 €

Live Stream or Phone


60 Minutes for 100 €

London @ your home

Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

Please feel free to contact me for questions or
booking info@yesimyuva.com

Cancellation Policy

Please call or email to cancel appointments at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. All appointments missed or not
cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full and risk not being able to reschedule.
Thank you for your understanding.

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