To love one has to be free.

An unfree person lives in the prison of his own mind.

It started with a dream. A dream to be free. But I absolutely didn’t know how. I felt stuck and identified myself with my emotions, thoughts and especially with this inner voice inside of me. Who else could it be, if not me? I used to be the prisoner of my own mind.

Most of the time I felt stressed, worried and rigid. All self created. 

Life showed me differently. The only way to get out of that prison was to get out of the known. And that was scary! Like a a small fish in the big ocean, turning around in the same circles over and over again. But I was ready and wanted to get out into the wild, the unknown… Ready to grow, ready to become a stronger and at the same time a softer version of my self. I wanted to go with the flow of life again. Relaxed, fulfilled and connected. 

For a few years I had to face the lonely side of life, uncertainty, insecurity, fear and pain.

I got lost to find my self again. 
Falling and getting up again. And again. 

Allowing my body to heal. 
Learning to trust the process. 
Accepting and letting go of the past. 
Getting to know myself.
Connecting back to my inner strength. 
My heart. My soul. 
Creating compassion.
Step by Step. 

Being a student of life. Forever. 

Of course you have your own way, your own story, your own truth. Isn’t it beautiful how unique we all are? 
You are your own best teacher! We need to experience what ever that is which is meant for us, to understand, to grow, to love and to become the masterpiece of ourselves. 

One thing is 100% clear to me. We have to work every single day for more balance, a good mood, clarity, motivation and an open heart. There is no way around it. Our mind just loves to comment on everything. One of the most valuable teachings for me was to understand, that we are only the observer of everything that his happening in our lives. Life’s circumstances will always be complicated, emotions come and go, the mind can go crazy, but we have the power to make a choice. We all are able to start the day with a blank white page. Ready to create. New and fresh. Following our heart. Appreciating the present moment again. We need to get out off the comfort zone. Start the day with an intention. 

Even though my me-time got reduced in the last 2-3 years, I still have my daily little self care routines that I create around my busy work and family life. 

The way you start into the morning, sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

1. First thing: Apple Cider Vinegar drink in the morning on an empty stomach (doing it for 10 years now). More details here

2. 20-60 min Yoga and Meditation before I start my day depending on my son’s demands 😉 

3. My self made Matcha Latte with Oat milk. I practiced two weeks to make it taste better than in any coffee place in  London 🙂

I would love to share a practice with you, see below. 

PS : Love and freedom are synonyms. 

Enjoy your day. Sending you lots of love!




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