“I am in a bad mood and I don’t know why.”

There is a way out!

In the last couple of years I’ve tried out different techniques, to start my day positive, balanced and fit – as much as I can. Of course I couldn’t apply all of them and so I chose a mixtures of techniques and made sure they fit well together, don’t take too long and are effective.

Following morning rituals are part of my daily life today. I can ensure – they do work! Just try it out as soon as you wake up.

1.Wake up, sit down and close your eyes

… also called meditation. As soon as I wake up, I sit on my pillow, make sure my back is straight, hands on my knees, eyes closed and then I take a few deep and slow breaths through my nose. Mostly my body wants to lay down again. I give myself a smile and keep breathing through my nose in and out. I keep my face muscles relaxed and just concentrate on my in- and exhaling. I try to observe my thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, without trying to understand and without judging them. I finish my meditation with a short intention for the day.

LENGTH Start with 3-5 minutes, you can extend up to 15 minutes

TIPS If you feel it is too hard to meditate right after waking up, you can try a guided meditation or listen to music. If it’s too early for you, then just try it after your tea.

EFFECTS More balanced, less stress, clear mind, you learn to live in the moment

2. coconut oil pouring

Put one spoon of coconut oil into your mouth and swish it for 20 minutes. after pouring spit it out
into the trash can, not into the sink. don’t swallow the oil. rinse the mouth well with warm water.
afterwards you can brush your teeth. don’t eat or drink before oil poring. this technique has its origins in ancient ayurvedic medicine and dates back over 3,000 years.

LENGTH 15-20 minutes

TIPS You will get used to the consistency in your mouth very fast. Meanwhile you can take a shower or prepare breakfast.

EFFECTS The oil breaks through plaque and bacteria in your mouth, cleans and detoxifies
teeth and gums. Oil pulling purifies the entire system as each section of the tongue is connected to a different organ such as the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine. Additionally it whitens your teeth naturally 🙂

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

I have been drinking this special drink for more than 10 years now – almost every morning. I can tell you, it is magic. It keeps you healthy!  Drink the apple cider vinegar every morning on an empty stomach. You can have breakfast after 30 minutes minimum.


• 1 glass of warm water 
• 1 spoon of organic apple cider vinegar
• optional 1 tea spoon of honey
• optional A little bit of Himalaya salt

TIPS The apple cider vinegar should be organic and unfiltered

EFFECTS Activates your digestive system, good for your skin, weight loss, reduces belly fat, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes, kills many types of harmful bacteria, improves heart health, has protective effects against cancer

4. Shake your Body

I love to do this exercise. It just makes me so happy. Even when I am really down, I just do it! Turn on the music and start jumping while you shake your hands, arms and legs. It can turn into dancing 🙂 Afterwards make a fist with your hands and start tapping your body, first your breast, then arms, buttocks, your back and legs.

LENGTH minimum for 3 minutes

TIPS Even if you are too tired to jump around in the morning, still do it! At least shake off your arms and legs. You can also do the jumping jack, you will feel the rising energy inside you.

EFFECTS You wake up your body, get more energy and a better mood, supports the blood circulation in the body, you feel more alive and fresher.

Give it a try. 🙂 Enjoy your day!