The highest goal of life is to understand and experience our inner, spiritual nature – OUR SOUL

During my search for a peaceful, stable, and resilient version of myself, I connected with the powerful teachings of Yoga. For me, it was very clear, I wanted to study the secrets and life changing tools of this ancient philosophy. I felt attracted to the holistic teachings and have been on a journey of self-awareness through “Atma Bodha”, or self-knowledge, ever since.

Through the teachings during my 500-hour yoga teacher training, led by my mentor Sri Dharma Mittra at one of the most renowned schools, as well as the international workshops and courses that I have visited so far, I have found my devoted role as a yoga teacher in this life.

Today, I am here writing this to you from soul to soul, and I truly hope the wisdom and practices of yoga, including pranayama and meditation, will change your life like they did mine. My vision is to go on this journey together with you so we can learn to be more conscious and compassionate all together.

My mission is to share my experiences with you and hopefully help you to feel connected to your true self and nature, and to find happiness and peace within.

Yogic philosophy provides the perfect tools to unite the body, mind, and soul. By integrating yoga into your daily life, you will learn to be the observer of your emotions, thoughts, and all the events around you, instead of identifying yourself with them. You will release blockages in both the physical and emotional body and allow various parts of yourself to heal.

It will be easier for you to integrate yoga into your daily life when you understand the purpose of the asanas (poses) and breathing exercises. You will improve your yoga postures, get stronger, and become more flexible. You will feel more relaxed, connected, and peaceful. You will find stillness in your head, and become the one who is watching from the seat of consciousness.

I will try my best with all my heart to help you experience the healing, strengthening, and connecting powers of yoga and meditation. I believe we are here to enjoy our lives fully. It is not easy to get to this point, but it is totally worth it. The only thing you need is the right intention and willpower.

I learned to be happy by myself, to be in the moment again, and of course I am still learning. I will always stay a student of life. Let’s enjoy this journey together.