The passion that I have for my own business is incredibly strong. I love to spend time with inspiring people, to organize yoga retreats & workshops, to learn more about the yoga philosophy, to travel around the world (especially by myself) and to put a lot of energy into my brand Yuva Yoga. I feel my purpose in this life is to grow, to learn constantly and to create… All this leads to waking up with happy feelings every morning, being excited to start the day… A fulfilling life – for me!

Last year everything in my life changed. Today I am 9 months pregnant, sitting on my sofa and reflecting, while I am typing up my thoughts. In a period when I thought I was so happy with everything as it was (that also means being single), life surprised me with a partner. I got to know someone special and fell in love. We moved in together and I became pregnant. Suddenly my life shifted from a dominating Me, Myself and I – lifestyle to a partnership and getting ready to build a family. All of this in one year!

With so much change, the first few months of my pregnancy were full of challenges. Instead of feeling blissful, I was scared. Where did all my spiritual work and inner power go when I needed it the most? On top I was feeling sick almost every day and there were times where I was not able to do anything. Sleeping, trying to eat, sleeping again oh and a lots of crying…Happy? No, not at all!

It was only after my first trimester of pregnancy that I began to feel myself again and embrace the wonderful changes that were happening inside and around me. My energy came back, I saw things from a beautiful perspective. I got excited and started to build a connection to the human being inside of me – to my little baby boy. Also the relationship with my partner got stronger. I started to smile again…

I realized how important it is to be thankful and to trust my journey fully. To know that all the stones and waterfalls that are in my way, are in fact gifts that I must be open to receive and in every moment to know that the strength and peace that I need is available to me.

Life is like a rollercoaster. We all go through our ups and downs and experience happy and sad times, feel fulfilled or empty. Especially when things don’t work out the way we want, then it’s important to let go, to accept everything the way it is and not to worry about the future or get stuck in the past. It’s not always easy of course. I know there will be times where I will feel stuck again. But the more I go through my darkness, the more I know that this time is there to heal me, to give me an opportunity to grow.

There are different ways to shift your energy from negative to positive and to use our powerful inner energy sources. Words have a lot of power. I use positive affirmations regularly and it changes my life day by day. It motivates me to be actually more productive and to start the day with a positive mindset. I created my own mantra #TrustYourJourney because this helped me regain my energy and trust.

I believe we can influence our daily lives. Yes it’s important to go with the flow and not to get attached to anything, especially not to the outcomes we want to achieve. But it’s also important to know what we want and create our own lives – starting with positive words, then being patient and letting it go.

The slogan #TrustYourJourney accompanies me in my daily life and it’s about accepting all aspects of life. It’s ok to have difficult times (they all teach us something), and it’s ok that the best times pass and will never come back again in the same constellation (that’s what makes life so special). This is what I am telling myself when I have a challenging time. It’s like a self-healing process. We have so much in our hands, especially when it comes to our own happiness.

There are different ways of feeding ourselves with positive energy such as words and a healthy nutrition. Therefore I take special care about the things I eat and drink. For me it’s important to consume clean, fresh and organic products. Especially now that I am taking responsibility for my baby. The products that we consume and the way we eat and drink have a big effect on our physical as well as mental and emotional system!

@provamel just started the campaign #TrustYourFood, which is an invitation to find the trust anchor that drives you as well as a promise that you can trust in them. Know what you eat and eat what you know. Provamel believes in a world where food comes from the land and offers 100% plant-based, organic and authentic products. Nothing more, nothing less. Provamel is committed to make you trust food again. Ever since Provamel started out in 1983 they’ve been dedicated to doing better. Bit by bit, year on year. I believe in authenticity, transparency and healthy choices, this is what Provamel and this super cool campaign stand for. Because if you can trust what you eat, your food becomes a source of energy.

#TrustYourFood is a mantra that reminds me to be more conscious with my choices, to choose products that I can trust. I am very proud to support this movement. Making healthy choices and creating my life the way I want by living more conscious is something that I really enjoy. The things that I consume in my daily life have a big impact on my overall feeling. So not only the body, but also my thoughts and my emotions get affected by the things I consume.

For a long time I suffered from stomach pain not knowing what it was. When I found out that I was lactose-intolerant I stopped consuming cow-milk right away and wanted to know more and more about a plant-based nutrition. I changed my diet and felt fitter, healthier and was definitely living more consciously. Meanwhile, over the last decade, I have been studying the yoga philosophy, which helped to support this process of being more aware of my choices. I made the experience that fresh and healthy food, especially plant-based nutrition keeps my mind clear and makes me feel better in my body and spirit.

When @provamel started the #TrustYourFood campaign, I was very happy to see that there is a brand out there, that stands for trust and authenticity. And on top launches a movement for a more conscious lifestyle. I am honored to be part of it. A company that stands behind their promises, behind their words and has a life changing impact on people’s lifestyle. I believe in the power of plants, especially after all those years experiencing the impact on my daily life.


What is important to you when it comes to a healthy lifestyle? What gives you strength? How do you create your daily life? How does the slogan #TrustYour… end for you? When I thought about my personal #trust I asked myself:


Everyone has a different way to find their energy source for a balanced lifestyle. For me, it’s definitely my journey. Everything that happened so far in my life brought me exactly there where I am right now. All those ups and downs, the good and the bad times, crying and laughing… a life full of roller coasters, lessons, surprises and gifts.