FAQ – Peru Yoga Retreat

We’ve received lots of questions and summarised the FAQ’s for the Peru Yoga Retreat for you. Our aim is to make traveling as safe and easy as possible for you! When it comes to the cancellation policy we offer the fairest solution. Reach out to us if you have any further questions. You find the […]

Shamanic Healing

We are all experiencing our personal ups and downs, get confronted with unknown situations, surprises and even pain.  As a consequence we sometimes feel stuck, tense and rigid. In general we have two options. Either we ignore the roots of these feelings and let them be part of our daily lives or we decide to make a change. Accept. […]

Stuck in the Mud

All those changes in life… nothing ever stays the same. The solution is to go with the flow. But sometimes it’s not so easy and actually very hard. The reason is the mind and all the connected experiences, conditions and fears to it. We create all those problems in our minds, thinking about the past […]

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

FOMO? No! This morning I woke up and paused for a moment. I used to live in Istanbul for 4 years – in the same house where I am sitting right now and writing you. During that time I played in two TV Series and in a movie as an actress, I did some nice […]


5 Tips for Integrating Yoga into Your Daily Life  Being a wife, a mother, managing a whole family and working full-time as a founder and yoga teacher, I know how crazy it can get during the day. And then you ask yourself, how do I take time for myself, without feeling guilty and without loosing […]


The highest goal of life is to understand and experience our inner, spiritual nature – OUR SOUL During my search for a peaceful, stable, and resilient version of myself, I connected with the powerful teachings of Yoga. For me, it was very clear, I wanted to study the secrets and life changing tools of this […]


The passion that I have for my own business is incredibly strong. I love to spend time with inspiring people, to organize yoga retreats & workshops, to learn more about the yoga philosophy, to travel around the world (especially by myself) and to put a lot of energy into my brand Yuva Yoga. I feel […]


This journey was one of the most important decisions of my life. It came out of a bad moment, when I was feeling really down. I listened to my inner voice that eventually showed me the way to the jungle. After almost a year this intense experience is still a part of my life. It’s […]