New to Yoga?

I remember the first time I wanted to start practicing yoga and meditation. There was such a big gap between the yogis I admired and me, physically and mentally. I wasn’t flexible enough, the poses were too difficult, and my mind was scattered and easily distracted. I was fidgety and lacked mindful peace. I thought yoga wasn’t for me. 

The truth is I was just missing the right guidance to properly train me in the art of yoga. I needed to learn how to enjoy the process, let go, and free my mind. I knew I could only do that if I felt connected to the teacher and myself. 

If you have a calling inside of you but just don’t know how to start with your first yoga practice, then I would like to welcome you to the Yoga for Beginners series. In these meticulously created sessions, you can have a profound experience in your very first class.

The only thing you need is your body and your breath. The series is tailored to true beginners.

Every pose will be explained, step by step, so you can follow along easily!

1. We will start with simple poses to understand the foundation of yoga.

2. We will create a flow, and integrate breath into the movement.

3. Each class is built on what you learn from previous classes. 

4. Relaxation and guided meditation are part of every session. 

5. We will flow into a meditative state, seamlessly.

After spending 20-30 minutes on the mat, you will start to see the benefits in your daily life.

You will see a difference in your posture. Your body will become stronger and more flexible. With regular, short yoga practices, you can feel much more connected, relaxed, and fulfilled.  You will begin to move more mindfully through your day, and open yourself up to your new life. 

The overall aim is to help you to enjoy your yoga class, so you can benefit from it in your daily life. 

Yoga changed my life and I want to share my experience with you! 

This is my Yoga for Beginners series. 

Come as you are and start with Day 1. Enjoy your time on the mat. 


Lots of love,