Hello, thank you very much for visiting my blog. I am here to share some stories of my life with you. Some of them are more personal, some more informative. I just let it flow and see what comes out when I write. My passion for traveling and experiencing other countries and cultures gets bigger and bigger. Traveling opened up my horizon to life and I am more relaxed now. When friends and family keep telling me that I am less stressed and that I have changed, I guess there must be some truth in it. I also believe than rather changing, I am coming back to my roots. YES I aM.  :)

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29. October 2019


This post is about a special movement. When I first heard about it I definitely wanted to be part of it! It’s about strong people who trust in something that gives them power. Read more...
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16. January 2018

Into the Jungle

This journey was one of the most important decisions of my life. It came out of a bad moment, when I was feeling really down. I listened to my inner voice that eventually showed me the way to the jungle. Read more...
it-started-with-india-38_web Yoga
1. July 2017

It started with India

When my mom became a yoga teacher, I was not interested at all in her new hobby. Sitting still and staying long in poses to stretch my body? No, that was too boring for me! She had a good idea and took me to India – a new era of my life started. Read more...