Bali 9
5. April 2021


During my search for a peaceful, stable, and resilient version of myself, I connected with the powerful teachings of Yoga. Read more...
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17. April 2018


Hidden Hills Villas, Uluwatu

Our Yoga retreat takes place in Uluwatu, the South of Bali, next to world-famous beaches and surrounded by untamed nature. For seven nights we will stay at Hidden Hills Villas, a private boutique villa-style resort, which won the 2017 World Luxury Hotel award. We will practice yoga every morning and evening, enjoy healthy and delicious local cuisine, swim in the ocean, relax at the resort, visit temples, go to a traditional blessing, bask in the Balinese Culture, and explore Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali... and much more. This Yoga Retreat will give you the chance to reconnect to yourself, increase your awareness, open your heart to love, and discover your spiritual side. We have a capacity of 14 people. DATE 1-8 November 2021
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16. January 2018

Into the Jungle

This journey was one of the most important decisions of my life. It came out of a bad moment, when I was feeling really down. I listened to my inner voice that eventually showed me the way to the jungle. Read more...
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1. July 2017

It started with India

When my mom became a yoga teacher, I was not interested at all in her new hobby. Sitting still and staying long in poses to stretch my body? No, that was too boring for me! She had a good idea and took me to India โ€“ a new era of my life started. Read more...
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